Kismayo(Mogadishu24)-1,530 Students have on Saturday graduated from the Somali National University since its re-opening in 2014 and after the collapse of the central Government in 1991, in attendance with the President Hassan Sh. Mohamud and top Government officials to witness this color event here in Mogadishu.

SNU President, Prof. Hassan Osman Ga’al congratulated the students on their achievements to this productive results after long efforts and commitment with their parents at the graduation ceremony in Mogadishu’s Royal Palace.

He said that the students studied 12 department from twelve faculties in which the University offered them during their learning at different campus in Mogadishu and Abudwaq in Galgudud region under Galmugud State, as though 70 students only graduated from there.

“This is 22nd batch of Somali National University in general but these are batch 3, 4 and 5 combined graduates, they are both graduates and post-graduates who completed master degrees in different faculties”, Prof. Hassan said, accentuating that the SNA has 511 lecturers including 36 professors and 40 senior lecturers.

He added that the University has restored relations with Turkey, China, Italy and other African countries like Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

Somali President Hassan Sh. Mohamud recounted challenges of the education sector during his time in the educational institutions and the current situation with Government in place, congratulating the students on their success to this journey.

Mohamud commended former and current University managers for starting the institution from the scratch to the productive level, urging them to expand the University to other regions in Somalia.

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