Biadoa(Mogadishu24)-Al-Shabaab militants have lifted the land blockade on Baidoa, allowing trucks carrying goods to enter the city. This release followed negotiations between the traditional elders of the communities in Southwest State and Al-Shabaab officials.

However, Al-Shabaab still retains control over the Mooda-Moode area, a checkpoint for trucks travelling from Mogadishu to Baidoa.

The South West State Administration refuted the claim, asserting that the recent operations aimed to ensure safe passage for vehicles through the blocked areas.

South West State President Abdiaziz Lafta Gareen expressed deep concerns about the blockade and emphasized his government’s commitment to fight against Al-Shabaab, vowing not to tolerate any association with the militants.

Hussein Sheikh Mohamud, the Chief of Staff of the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, condemned the blockade and called on the local community to take resolute action against the militant group.

“The group is in an all-out war against the great people of Somalia, and this is a testament that the Federal Government of Somalia-led efforts are pushing the group to extinction,” he said.

The land blockade has had huge impacts in the region, with many trucks stuck for over two weeks. As a result, the cost of living has surged, further burdening the population already grappling with the impacts of drought. Food, fuel, and other essentials have seen a sharp price increase, which exacerbated the livelihoods of the people living in Baidoa.

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