Mogadihsu(Mogadishu24)-At least four people were killed, and several others have been injured after an unidentified warplane conducted an overnight airstrike operation in Jilib District in the Middle Juba region.

Local residents have stated that the airstrikes targeted civilian homes, resulting in casualties, injuries, and huge damages.

“It was shocking for the residents in the town overnight, We don’t think anyone slept well because airstrike missile falling into the city. We saw dead bodies of our residents after the dawn break this morning. We cannot comment on if there were casualties on Al-Shabaab side”, A resident who declined to be named, told Mogadishu24.

The Somali Government and International partners have not commented on this airstrike attack, which caused severe harm to civilians.

This operation that led to civilian casualties comes barely five days after a similar airstrike operation killed a three-year-old child and injured eight other civilians in Galhareri.

A month ago, two people were killed, and several others were injured as Kenya Defence Forces’ warplanes carried out bombings on El Adde town in the Gedo region.

Al-Shabaab media affliates also said that four civilians were killed in the attack, saying that Kenyan warplane carried out the attack.

Mogadishu24 cannot verify who carried out the attack, but the Somali Government and Its International Partners were in a total war on Al-Shabaab.

This comes a day after Spokesperson of the Somalia’s Ministry of Defense, Abdullahi Ali Anod warned against residents in areas under Al-Shabaab control, in particular, Ceel-buur and Galhareri towns in Galgudud region.

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