Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Government of Somalia has imposed bans on Tiktok, 1Xbet, and Telegram within the country, a move that is aimed to counter and prevent the increasing indecent activities among Somali youth.

The Ministry of Telecommunications and Technology issued a statement on Sunday evening, stating that these applications promote explicit content, hate speech, indecent behaviors, and extremist propaganda, which are against the laws and religious norms in Somalia.

The ministry further directed all telecommunication companies and internet service providers to disable access to these applications and sites.

“The Minister of Telecommunications and Technology orders the ban of the following applications due to the threats they pose to the community by spreading terrorist propaganda, promoting explicit content, and disseminating rumors and misinformation. These applications are Tiktok, 1Xbet, and Telegram,” the statement explained.

“The Government orders all telecommunication companies and internet service providers to close access to these applications by Thursday, August 24th. Failure to comply will result in legal actions,” the statement continued.

This ban comes amid increased concerns over the growing norms of social media misuse within the Somali youth.

There are several impending court cases that are connected to the misuse of Tiktok. Three young boys now find themselves entangled in legal proceedings for a murder case that has originated from a misunderstanding on Tiktok.

Furthermore, the spread of explicit sexual contents has increased. Somali youth are actively engaged in the exchange and spread of indecent videos through platforms such as Telegram channels and the Tiktok application.

A week ago, prominent Kenyan businessman Bob Ndolo, the CEO of Bridget Connect Consultancy company, has filed a petition with the parliament seeking to have Tiktok banned in Kenya.

The petition came due to public outcry over the increased usage of TikTok by minors and the illegal activities occurring within the application.

Kenyans of all walks, including community leaders and religious scholars, have strongly supported the petition, highlighting that it will help curb indecency within the community.

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