Gambella(Mogadishu24)-Human Right Organizations in Ethiopia have reported that at least 30 people have died in Ethiopia’s Gambella region due to hunger and starvation.

Food aid in the refugee camps of Gambella has been suspended since May this year. However, the region has received an influx of at least 400,000 refugees in just one month.

The organizations claimed that the suspension of food aid has contributed to these deaths and has exacerbated the difficult circumstances faced by refugees in the region.

The Ethiopian government’s refugee agency has appealed to both local and international organizations to work towards resuming aid to refugees in Gambella, with the goal of improving their living conditions.

The agency highlighted that conflicts in various regions of Ethiopia have resulted in increased displacement, leading to a large number of people seeking refuge in camps.

In recent years, conflicts and wars in some parts of Ethiopia have increased issues related to poverty, unemployment, and the overall economic crisis in the country.

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