Arusha, Tanzania(Mogadishu24)-EAC Secretary General, Veronica M. Nduva officially opened a crucial meeting to develop a roadmap for integrating the Federal Republic of Somalia into the East African Community (EAC).

Somalia became the EAC’s 8th Partner State in March 2024 after officially ratifying the agreement. The meeting aimed to outline steps for Somalia’s full integration into the regional bloc, enhancing economic and political cooperation.

“”The roadmap outlines essential activities categorised into national and community-oriented initiatives. These include aligning Somalia’s legal framework with established regional standards and ensuring robust participation in EAC programmes and activities,” she added.

Somalia’s entry into the Community will see the country benefit from the EAC’s regional infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, and energy networks.

“These projects aim to improve connectivity, enhance transportation links, and boost regional trade, ultimately supporting Somalia’s economic development and integration,” said Ms. Nduva.

Somalia has the longest national coastline of over 3,000km in Africa, linking Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, which the region can tap into to increase intra-regional trade and improve the lives of East Africans.

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