Bula-burte(Mogadishu24)-Somali National Army’s Danab Unit and International Partners on Sunday morning conducted joint operation at Jicibow village along Shabelle river about 30 kelometers north of Bula-burte town in Hiiraan region.

Member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said that many foreign jihadists were killed overnight in the area while fighting happened during a time in which the militants were taking dead bodies the scene.

A resident who declined to be named, told Mogadishu24 by phone that the airstrike hit to militants around the area, but could not know the casualties, saying the Somali National Army and the Macawisley, the local forces and the group fighters exchanged heavy gunfire in the area this morning.

” Jicibow is on other side of river and the militants can cross the river any time and carry out an ambush attack, despite army presence nearby, no one can tell the extent of casualties on the group”, he said.

The U.S Africa Command and Turkish often conduct such airstrike operations against Al-Shabaab by supporting the Somali National Army in defeating the terrorists, but there is no comment from the Federal Government and U.S-Turkey sides towards this.

Al-Shabaab militants did not comment on the latest developments in the region, but reports say there casualties on local forces fighting with the group fighters.

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