Cairo(Mogadishu24)-The Chairperson of Al-Azhar University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Dayib pledged on Saturday to increase scholarships for students from Djibouti in order to enhance educational standards in Djibouti.

This commitment after his meeting with the new Egyptian ambassador to Djibouti, Khaled Al-Shadali.

“Al-Azhar currently provides Djibouti with up to 15 scholarships per year, but we are increasing the scholarship opportunities for Djibouti students at Al-Azhar University,” stated Dr. Ahmed Al-Dayib.

He also announced that more teachers from Al-Azhar would be sent to Djibouti to participate in teaching religion and Islamic sciences.

The Egyptian ambassador to Djibouti expressed his gratitude to the Chairperson of Al-Azhar University for expanding the educational grants for Djibouti.

He pledged to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, particularly in the areas of education and culture.

Djibouti’s ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Ali Barre discussed with the President of Cairo University, Dr. Mohamed Osman, the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Cairo and Jabouri Universities in education, research, and culture.

The discussions also covered the collaborations in various fields, including health, engineering, languages, economics, law, political science, and the exchange of experiences.

The Chancellor of Cairo University reiterated their openness to students seeking higher education at the university.

He said that special consideration will be given to students from African countries, particularly in the Horn of Africa.

This comes after Djibouti and the Islamic Republic of Iran on Friday announced that they have restored diplomatic relations after seven years.

Djibouti’s strategic location in Africa has attracted huge global interest, with several countries like France, the US, Russia, Italy, and China setting up military bases in Djibouti.

These countries are also planning to invest in Djibouti and competing for control and influence in the Horn of Africa

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