Al-Shabaab militants launched an attack on the Geriley Military base in Gedo region which had recently been handed over to the Somali National Army as part of the first phase of the ATMIS drawdown.

The assailants were met with a fierce battle from the Somali National Army and the Jubaland Security forces. As a result, there have been several casualties and injuries. However, no official comments have been made by the security forces, and Al-Shabaab has also not provided any information regarding their own losses.

This attack took place just days after Al-Shabaab recaptured a base belonging to the Somali National Army in Daru-Nicma. The group also claimed responsibility for the destruction of a prominent mosque in the area, alleging that it served as a government forces’ stronghold.

Despite these challenges, the Government of Somalia, in collaboration with the United Nations and the African Union, has successfully managed the drawdown of 2000 ATMIS forces in the first phase. Efforts to combat Al-Shabaab in Somalia continue, with preparations already underway for the second phase of the ATMIS drawdown.

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