Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Al-Shabaab militants on Saturday claimed victory over deadly fighting between Somali National Army, local forces and the group fighters at SNA bases in Ceel-dheer district in Galgudud region in central Somalia.

Al-Shabaab claimed that its fighters killed 59 soldiers, and recovered weapons and ammunitions. the group also displayed photos of armed vehicles, the base and dead bodies after the battle.

But Ceel-Dheer District commissioner, Abdirahman Ahmed Omar who spoke to State-ran TV denied Al-Shabaab claims and said that the joint forces inflicted heavy casualties on the group fighters that attacked the district from several directions.

“The situation is calm after several hours of fighting between SNA, local forces and Al-Shabaab, the army is still pursuing the fighters, we will provide update about the casualties later”, Omar said.

Al-Shabaab carried out deadliest attacks on Somalia’s SNA bases in this region in the past two years during the offensive operation the group.

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