Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Al-Shabaab militants opposed Somalia-Turkey Maritime Security and Economic Deal in which the Cabinet and Federal Parliament approved and it was described as historic agreement and a cornerstone of the strong cooperation between the two countries.

Spokesman for Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage(Dhere) accused of the Federal Government of Somalia of leasing the Somali waters to Turkey, comparing the latest sensitive port deal between Somaliland and Ethiopia, leasing 20 kilometers of sea access to Ethiopia.

“If we are Al-Shabaab, we don’ allow Ethiopia, Turkey, Kenya, Emirates, Europe or America, and other foreigners into our country. This country belongs to Somali people. We never accept that our land is transferred to foreign organizations or states and we will fight for that until one of us is alive”, he said.

The group’s reaction came hours after the Federal Government of Somalia’s Parliament passed the deal with Turkey while President Hassan Sh. Mohamud described it as historic landmark.

“The 10-year agreement will help develop the Somali Navy’s capacity to enhance maritime security, protect resources, and combat international terrorism, external threats, and illegal and unregulated activities in Somalia’s territorial waters”, President Hassan said.

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