Jalalaqsi(Mogadishu24)-At least 20 people, including students and teachers, were injured on Tuesday when a swarm of bees attacked Nasrudiin School in Jalalaqsi town, Hiiraan region. The incident occurred during morning classes at around 10:30 AM. 

Mahad Dhaqane, the school manager, confirmed the incident and reported that more than ten injured individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment.

“We were attacked by bees in the morning at 10:30 AM while students and teachers were in their classes, immediately after the morning break. The bees entered all the classrooms and the staffroom, attacking us,” the manager explained. 

He added: “Some teachers and students were seriously injured, and couldn’t flee for their safety. Fortunately, they were rescued. Currently, I am at the hospital with one teacher and more than 10 students who got serious injuries and are undergoing treatment.”

The manager also noted that some students are missing, and their whereabouts are unknown as they fled toward the river during the bee attack. 

“Although we haven’t confirmed the exact number of injuries, we currently have one teacher and at least 10 students in the hospital, with around 10 others sustaining minor injuries. There are students who are still missing, and there are reports suggesting that they may have ended up in the river during the attack. We are yet to confirm these reports,” he added.

This bees attack was not limited to the school alone; it has spread across the entire town, causing businesses to close.

This is rare incident that bee attacks social gathering like schools and inflicting such large casualties on students in the region. It is the first time that Mogadishu24 reports such news story about a bee problem in Somalia.

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