Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-Thousands of families in the Beledweyne, the capital of Hiiraan are grappling with displacement as the Shabelle River, coursing through the town, overflows its banks in several neighborhoods.

The floods have majorly impacted Kooshin and Hawa-Tako neighborhoods, where the swollen river has submerged areas like Raderka, Kutiimbo, Kangjibis, and Shaah Macaan.

Governor of Hiiraan region, Abdullahi Ahmed Maallim (Sufurow), speaking to the local media during an inspection of emergency response services, highlighted the worsening situation as the floods continue to escalate.

“We are currently in the middle of the Shabelle River, assessing the flooded areas within Beledweyne town and initiating rescue missions to save people trapped in Northern Beledweyne, Kabhanleey, Deefow, Qoqane, and other areas,” Sufurow said.

He emphasized the severe consequences of the floods on communities and underscored the government’s preparedness to address the threats.

“The river has overflowed more than we have experienced before. Heavy rains last night exacerbated the situation, causing extensive destruction. However, as a government, we had proactively mobilized and relocated 90% of the residents to safer areas. Now, we are intensifying efforts to rescue those who remain,” he added.

Governor Sufurow called upon well-wishers, non-governmental organizations, and agencies to provide humanitarian aid to the displaced population.

“We urge well-wishers, non-governmental organizations, and partnering agencies to extend their humanitarian support to the communities affected by the floods. We urgently need food items, non-food items, including medical supplies, tents, and other essentials,” he appealed.

Last month, Haji Osman Dhagahow resigned from his position as the chairman of the Beledweyne flood management committee.

He stated that the reason for his resignation is the dysfunction caused by the operations of the Beledweyne dam and excessive intervention.

Beledweyne has been grappling with climate change and severe flooding from the Shabelle River, disrupting the learning process in the town.

On May 20th, national examinations were postponed due to the flooding, with students taking exams two months later than scheduled.

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