Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Benadir Regional Court has on Saturday acquitted former directors of Somalia’s Immigration Directorate and head of taxation of the Ministry of Finance of corruption charges and sentenced other officials to short jail terms.

Chairperson of the Benadir Regional Court, Salah Ali Mohamud announced that former directors of the Immigration Agency, Mohamed Aden Kofi and Abdukadir Elmi Ali and head of the taxation of the Ministry of Finance, Muhudin Hassan Jurus were not found of guilty.

He ordered that their rights should be restored as soon as possible, adding that those who are not satisfied with judgement could take an appeal within given period.

The court found five others of guilty and sentenced them to prison terms between two to four years while one of them could not even hold public for ever. It also released three others after finding them no guilt of crimes of corruption.

The Somali Government arrested nine members of those 12 individuals and accused them of misconducting public offices, properties and falsification of documents during their stay at the Immigration agency and Ministry of Finance a year ago.

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