Buroa(Mogadishu24)-Burao district Local Council, in a meeting on Sunday, removed Abdirizack Ibrahim, the mayor of the district, Abdirsak Ibrahim and his deputy, Muktar Baryare. Buroa is a major city under the Somaliland Administration northwest Somalia.

During the session, the local council elected Mohamed Hirsi Ahmed as the new mayor and Sultan Jaama Nuh as his deputy, replacing the former mayor and deputy.

The newly elected officials expressed gratitude to the local council for their trust in appointing them to these roles.

Mohamed Hirsi Ahmed, the new mayor, emphasized the importance of collective efforts for the community and called on the previous administration to collaborate with him and his deputy.

“We have successfully completed the local council’s session, which included an election for mayor and deputy mayor. This is a victory for all of us,” stated Mohamed Hirsi, the newly elected mayor. “We urge for collective efforts to work for and serve the community, as we seek and appeal for cooperation with the former mayor and his deputy,” he added.

The newly elected deputy mayor expressed gratitude to the local council, community leaders, and intellectuals for their role in advocating for a change in the district’s leadership.

He emphasized that this change will bring sustainable improvements and promote unity, pledging to work equally and effectively for the community.

Governor Mohamed Abdullahi Nafaqo, who presided over the session, affirmed that the elections for the new mayor and deputy were conducted transparently and followed constitutional processes.

This session becomes the second time a local council has elected a new mayor and deputy since their elections in 2021.

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