Bula-burte(Mogadishu24)-At least six children were on Wednesday confirmed to have died of fresh cholera outbreak and 30 others were hospitalized at the hospital in Bula-burte district in Hiiraan region in central Somalia.

Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, Federal Parliament Member of Somalia, whose constituency is Bula-burte, the increasing cases are likely the result of limited access to safe water and proper sanitation due to the recent floods, which damaged water and sanitation infrastructure.

“Suspected acute watery diarrhoea (AWD) kills six children in Bulaburte town in Hiraan region while more than 30 other children are suffering and being treated in a makeshift hospital according to health officials and local authorities”, he said.

He called for International Health Agencies to the respond the situation to contain the spread of the disease.

“There are shortages of medical supplies available in the district to help patients with diarrhea. I request to the national & international health organizations to assist saving the suffering children and to contain the spread of the disease”, he added.

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