Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-At least 18 people were killed and others were injured after heavy fighting between Abgaal subclan at an area about 50 kelometers west of Adale district in Middle Shabelle region under Hirshabelle State in Somalia Sunday according to the local authorities.

Abdi Qor-gaab, a chief of local authority in Biya-ade in the region told reporters that the situation remained tense yet, despite peace efforts aimed at ceasing the hostilities and the conflict.

“We are trying to find solution and end the bloodshed, the conflict is old and based on land, both sides can share the land as they are brothers and sisters, it is misfortune to witness endless fighting, at least 18 people were killed yesterday alone”, Abdi told local radio by phone.

He said that there are forces from the Federal Government of Somalia stationed near the battlefield, saying they would them by forces if the warring parts don’t accept to come to the negotiating table and stop the fight.

He added that they are hands which he meant, ‘intervention’ who are involved in igniting the war between two clan militias.

Al-Shabaab affiliated media and sources made the number of death toll of the ongoing clan conflict in the region to 30. Several peace efforts to end the conflict ended in failure earlier this year.

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