Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Community leaders in Middle Shabelle region called for Hirshabelle State President, Ali Abdullahi Hussein ‘Gudlawe’ to resign after meeting in Mogadishu Wednesday, accusing him of poor leadership and incapbale of meeting needs of the society.

The leaders said in a joint press conference that the President, Gudlawe failed to manage solving the clans conflict in the region, mismanagement over funds found from donors through the Federal Government, tax revenue and by not carrying out development projects in the region.

“From Governor of Middle Shabelle region to Deputy President and then President of Hirshabelle State, he did nothing, but committed power abuse with poor leadership during his tenure, therefore, we call for him to make quick resignation from office”, the community leaders said in the press conference.

President Gudlawe did not comment on the accusations from the community leaders in the region yet, but he was already facing challenges of division in his administration as Hiiraan region was not satisfied with Hirshabelle State building process.

Hirshabelle State was only the youngest, but also conflict ridden region for both the war on Al-Shabaab, clan based conflict and rejection of coexistence among communities.

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