Bula-burte(Mogadishu24)-Community led efforts to re-build the Bula-burte town Airport is expected to be fruitful and turn the airport to be functional soon according to the managers and locals there.

Al-Shabaab militants destroyed the airport in September 2021 and then later faced serious challenges mainly riverine floods and security reasons, making the airport to be useless in the past three months.

Al-Shabaab attacks destroyed key infrastructures including the main bridge connecting the two sides of the town and an old mosque last year alone.

“We are trying to clean and expand the airport space now, this is a community led-initiative efforts and the district level one, the Federal Government and the Federal Member State, Hirshabelle are not part of this. We still intend to get support for the rebuilding our airport”, one of the volunteers told Mogadishu24 by phone.

Al-Shabaab militants isolated Bula-burte district in Hiiraan region earlier, but the latest uprising and offensive operations against Al-Shabaab by local forces known as Macawisley and Somali National Army forces liberated eastern parts of the region and the militants were pushed back from Bula-burte.

Such Community led initiatives efforts also repaired the main bridge of Bula-burte district in Hiiraan region which also connects southern and central parts of Somalia after Al-Shabaab destroyed it with auto-rickshaw bomb attack early in 2023.

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