Baidoa(Mogadishu24)-A delegation led by Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Salah Ahmed Jama, arrived in Baidoa on Tuesday to assess the scale of the impact of the devastating floods that hit the town and the region and to accelerate humanitarian support for the affected people.

The delegation, including a team of national and international aid officials, SoDMA Director, and representatives from UNOCHA, met with Southwest State President, Abdiaziz Laftagareen, to discuss how to support the people affected by the floods.

President Laftagareen shared the extent of the damages caused by torrential rains in the region, including deaths and destruction of properties and agricultural lands.

“We have received much-anticipated heavy rains with significant impacts. Besides the rains, severe flooding and moving water have dominated Baidoa town as the most affected area,” President Laftagareen said.

He added, “So far, we have confirmed about 12 casualties, extensive destruction of houses and properties, and the displacement of thousands of families. Approximately 50% of residential homes are submerged in water.”

President Laftagareen highlighted the successful mobilization campaign and evacuation response to citizens, resulting in reduced casualties.

“Since we initiated a mobilization campaign and evacuation response to our citizens, the casualties have reduced. We have formed a flood management committee comprising different groups of society to oversee the emerging situation as floods increase,” the president said.

He emphasized the importance of their involvement in providing assistance to individuals impacted by the floods.

“There is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance to the affected people from both the Somali businesspeople, the federal government, and the partnering organizations, which have previously played a substantial role in providing humanitarian aid to those individuals,” he added.

Deputy Prime Minister Jama reiterated the federal government’s commitment to prioritizing emergency aid and response for the flood-affected individuals. He urged the Somali business community and the diaspora to actively participate in providing assistance to those in need.

Somalia has experienced heavy rains and subsequent flooding for the past two weeks, which have killed at least 33 people, affected more than a million, and displaced over 500,000 people.

At least 33 people have died, and more than a million have been affected after torrential rains hit major parts of the country, resulting in severe flooding, according to the Federal Government of Somalia.

Last week, the Federal Government of Somalia declared a ‘National Emergency Situation’ due to the heavy impacts of the rains on the people.

During a meeting with Somali businesspeople, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the situation could deteriorate further, especially considering the forecasts and warnings of additional rainfall and potential flooding.

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