Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The World Championships are currently taking place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, attracting talent from all around the globe to compete in highly competitive races.

Among the athletes proudly representing their country, Mohammed Ismael Ibrahim, known as “Fataah,” stands out as the spearhead of Djibouti, showing exceptional performance in the competition.

Mohamed Ismail (Fataah) is set to compete in the finals for the 5000M on Sunday after displaying great performance in the qualification rounds.

The 5000m event is one of the most anticipated races of these championships, with experienced runners from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. However, Mohamed has already proven his qualities and talent on the track by competing with highly skilled international athletes in the knockout stages.

Hassan Wa’ays and Ugas are also two of Djibouti’s most promising athletes participating in today’s 42KM marathon race.

During the Francophone Games in Congo, Djiboutian athletes showed exceptional performance, winning a total of 9 medals: 4 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze medals.

Mohamed Ismail won two gold medals in the 5000m and 3000m categories, showcasing his quality and strength in different events on the international stage.

Djibouti’s achievements in the Francophone competition have been praised by its citizens, who appreciate the government’s efforts to rejuvenate the sports sector and demonstrate the country’s ability to excel in international events.

Apart from athletics, the Djibouti government has been actively engaged in developing future talents by establishing fully-equipped football academies.

The East Africa Football Academy concluded a U-15 football tournament held in Dikhil District on Saturday.

Jamaa Hirsi, the Deputy Director of Sports for the District, expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the East Africa Sports Academy and emphasized the significance of this event for Djibouti’s sports sector.

“I thank the chairman of the East Africa Sports Academy for sponsoring this tournament, which brought together young under-15 talents. Through such events, Djibouti will produce future talents that will represent the country at different levels of sports,” Mr. Jamaa said.

The Deputy Director added that the government plans to establish a Sports Academy in Dikhil as part of the efforts to strengthen the sports sector.

“This tournament lays the foundation for future prospects and plans to set up a new sports academy center in Dikhil, which will enhance the government’s ability to identify, train, and select the future talents of this country,” he added

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