New York(Mogadishu24)-Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamud Ali Yussuf, delivered a speech during the 78th session of the UN General Assembly on Sustainable Development Goals.

The Minister reiterated Djibouti’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals and emphasized the urgent need for united efforts to address global and regional challenges.

“This meeting comes at a crucial time when there are numerous global and regional challenges, including insecurity, instability, poverty, and environmental issues such as climate change,” said Hon. Mohamud Ali Yussuf, Djibouti’s Foreign Minister.

“To tackle these challenges effectively, there is a urgent need to reform international cooperation strategies, as divisions and factions have created huge gaps between developed and developing countries,” he added.

The Minister stressed the importance of international organizations promoting inclusivity in their financing to combat these challenges.

“International financial organizations like the World Bank and IMF play a key role in addressing these challenges. They should prioritize inclusivity in their financing and involve developing and underdeveloped countries in decision-making processes to establish effective priorities,” he noted.

Djibouti has made great efforts to improve peace, security, and the blue economy. Despite global economic challenges, the country has achieved success in governance reform, quality healthcare services, and other sectors.

“While poverty and economic become global challenges, Djibouti’s government has succeeded in reforming leadership and governance to provide quality services to our citizens. We have made important progress in healthcare, water, and education sectors,” he stated.

“Although poverty and unemployment remain major challenges, the government has joined hands with non-governmental organizations to unite efforts and allocate finances to tackle these issues,” he added.

Djibouti’s regional and international presence has grown as it actively participates in global and regional matters such as security and peace.

Its strategic location in Africa made Djibouti as a key trade hub for the continent, attracting countries like France, the US, Russia, Italy, and China, to set up key military bases in the country.

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