Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Djibouti Diaspora community has been playing an important role in contributing to crucial initiatives, including providing financial support to thousands of Djibouti families affected by humanitarian crises such as droughts and floods.

This diaspora community has also contributed to the country’s economic growth and development by establishing investment plans within the nation.

Abdullahi Omar Jamaa, one of the Djibouti youth who spent more than 10 years away from the country, chose to return and invest by opening a hotel named L’atypique Restaurant and Cafe.

Mr. Abdullahi stated that every meal in his hotel undergoes consultations by nutritionists before cooking. He further explained that the hotel offers specialized meals for individuals with health conditions.

“We always consult with nutritionists before deciding on the food to prepare and the ingredients to include. Our hotel offers special meals for individuals dealing with health concerns like diabetes and heart problems.”

L’atypique Restaurant and Cafe has become a customer favourite by offering fresh products such as fruits and milk and not items that have been stored in refrigerators for extended periods. The hotel provides these meals at an affordable price.

Furthermore, the establishment of this hotel has generated job opportunities for many previously unemployed Djibouti youths, contributing to their livelihoods in the wake of challenges of high living costs, a deteriorating economy, and increased unemployment.

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