Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-Minister of Djibouti for foreign affairs and International Cooperation, Mahmoud Ali Youssouf on Tuesday expressed his discontent and outrage about the Israel’s actions to persuade nations to stop funding to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the near east (UNRWA).

“Today I am posting this message to express my outrage about the attempt by the Israeli occupier and their supporters to disqualify UNRWA : the last stage of their attempt to dehumanise Palestinians”, Youssouf said on X formerly twitter.

He expressed Djibouti’s support to the Palestinians, urging them to fight for their rights.

“We are telling Palestinians , you won’t walk alone ever , we are standing by you , the whole world is watching , keep fighting for your rights”, he stressed.

The Minister questioned about Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians, labeling them terrorists and displacing and expelling them from their lands.

“Displaced , expelled from their land and homes , when they resist the oppressors,They are labelled terrorist , now , victims of mass murder , organised starvation and even inpatients are not safe : guess who they are ?”, he stated.

Djibouti Government on Saturday applauded the arbitration decision of the International Court of Justice on the ongoing genocide in Gaza against the Palestinian people and that Israel must immediately end the barbarity. 

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Djibouti, Mahmoud Ali youssouf said that the decision of the ICJ which demanded Israel to stop its genocide against Palestinians will be tabled at the United Nations Security Council.

“The decision of the ICJ which demands Israel to stop its genocide against Palestinians will be tabled at the UNSC, then we will see on which moral ground member countries stands : on the side of good or evil : there is no 3rd option”, he said this three days ago.

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