Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of Djibouti, Abduqadir Kamil Mohamed has on Monday received the new Libyan Ambassador to Djibouti, Abdulmanaan Mohamed Yunis, in his office.

The two leaders engaged in a comprehensive discussion, focusing on enhancing cooperation and strengthening the historical relations between Djibouti and Libya.

Prime Minister Abduqadir Kamil Mohamed assured Ambassador Abdulmanaan Mohamed Yunis that the Djiboutian government is fully prepared to facilitate and support him in carrying out his diplomatic responsibilities.

On his part, Ambassador Abdulmanaan Mohamed Yunis reiterated his commitment to strengthening the longstanding ties between the two nations and exploring new avenues of collaboration that serve the mutual interests of both peoples.

Libya has faced civil conflicts in recent years since the assassination of President Muammar Al Gadafi, resulting in loss of life and the displacement of thousands of citizens.

Djibouti has achieved significant financial and institutional developments in sectors such as education, health, maritime affairs, and sports, as part of its 2035 vision.

Its strategic location in Africa, along with its unique natural resources, has positioned it as a key trade hub on the continent, attracting investments and strengthening bilateral relations with countries including France, the United States, Russia, Italy, China, and several Arab nations.

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