Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-Djibouti’s local manufacturing companies have played an active role in generating employment opportunities for thousands of Djiboutians and contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Mogadishu24 takes a look at Ahmed Steel company, a provider of high-quality galvanised steels crafted from aluminium manufactured within the country.

Ahmed Steel Company has hired seven unemployed Djibouti youths, offered them training and expertise to reduce the unemployment crisis, and further boost the country’s economy.

Abdirahman Said Ahmed, a technician at Ahmed Steel Company, expressed his appreciation for the firm’s impact on their lives.

“As a technician overseeing the manufacturing machinery at Ahmed Steel Company, I operate three machines that produce different types of steel. The company has provided me with necessary training, which equipped me with the required skills,” Ahmed shared.

Farah Ali seconded the sentiment of gratitude, highlighting the company’s contribution through training and job opportunities, which promoted their quality of life.

“This company has not only provided us with crucial training but also employment. It’s this company that has transformed us from jobless individuals to skilled employees. We are greatly thankful for what we’ve received, as it has not only improved our livelihoods but also the well-being of our families,” Farah expressed.

Ilyas Daher, the Chief Executive Officer of Ahmed Steel Company, emphasized the company’s main goal of producing top-notch galvanized steels, elaborating on their staff training.

“Our prime goal was to offer better steel products compared to what was previously available in Djibouti. To achieve this, we brought foreign technicians and engineers to train our staff, many of whom were young recruits lacking prior skills. They underwent the necessary training, which empowered them to work efficiently and produce the finest quality steel,” the CEO affirmed.

Founded in 2015, Ahmed Steel Company has experienced gradual growth, garnering a huge customer base due to its effective services.

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