Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-A new naval repair ship, equipped with advanced mechanical equipment, has arrived at Djibouti Port, ready to provide essential repair services for Djibouti’s diverse fleet of ships, including passenger, merchant, and military vessels.

The new repair ship which is measured 217 meters long and 43.5 meters wide, with an impressive lifting capacity of 20,100 tons, is aimed to created over 3,000 jobs to reduce unemployment and contribute to the local economy.

Djibouti’s President, Ismail Omar Guelleh, expressed optimism for the ship’s arrival and highlighted that a team of 25 highly skilled engineers attached to the ship will provide crucial repair services.

“We reached an important milestone today with the arrival of our new naval repair ship in Djibouti boat. This ship, a true (water garage), is equipped to deal with all types of breakdowns and malfunctions on private, merchant, and military ships,” stated President Guelleh.

The president also expressed his gratitude and reiterated the government’s commitment to maintaining Djibouti’s leadership status in maritime-related industries.

“This is further proof of our commitment to reaffirming Djibouti’s status as a leader in maritime-related benefits and activities,” he emphasized.

The chairman of Djibouti Ports and Freezones Authority, Aboubaker Omar Hadi, underscored the strategic importance of this repair ship, stating that it will provide vital services for large vessels.

“So far, this is the largest repair ship with an impressive lifting capacity of 50,000 tons, compared to the neighbouring countries with Mombasa port having a 20,000 capacity ship. This state-of-the-art facility will offer vital repair services for large vessels,” said Aboubaker Omar Hadi , the chairman of Djibouti Ports and Freezones Authority.

The Chair also stated that the project was 100% implemented by the Government of Djibouti through Great Holding Company.

“The government Djibouti fully owns the Shiprepair Yard; the government has fully financed and implemented the project through the Great Horn Investments Holding, are part of the continuous effort to establish Djibouti as a world-class maritime and port services hub,” he added.

Furthermore, the chairman highlighted the facility’s alignment with Djibouti’s commitment to environmental conservation and climate change action.

“The new dock also aligns with Djibouti’s commitment to environmental preservation and climate change action. It’s will be a true game changer for Djibouti’s Blue Economy. These state-of-the-art facilities will boost Djibouti’s attractiveness and service quality in the region,” the chairman stated.

Djibouti, with its active maritime operations, has one of Africa’s largest ports in Africa, the Port of Daroleh, and is fully committed to achieving much of its economy through maritime activities. The arrival of this advanced repair ship is an important step forward for Djibouti, both in terms of its maritime capabilities and its dedication towards the vision 2035.

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