Djibouti (Mogadishu24)-The Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority (DPFZA) has expressed strong disapproval of the World Bank’s latest Container Performance Report, which dramatically dropped Djibouti’s port ranking from 26th to 379th globally. This significant decline has been met with profound indignation by DPFZA, which argues that the report misrepresents the true status and operational excellence of its facilities.

Moreover, DPFZA noted its complete omission from the Sub-Saharan Africa Region Ranking, despite being consistently recognized as a leading port in this region for the past three years. This unexpected exclusion has been described as perplexing and unacceptable by the authority.

DPFZA emphasized that Djibouti’s ports are internationally acclaimed for their efficiency and strategic importance in connecting Africa to global markets. Significant investments in infrastructure, like the advanced Maritime Single Window system, have bolstered their reputation for seamless trade operations.

Contrary to the World Bank’s findings, DPFZA highlighted consistent improvements in their performance metrics:

  • Berth productivity at the Djibouti container port stands at 120 moves per hour.
  • Vessel call statistics show a 31.75% increase from 422 vessels in 2022 to 556 vessels in 2023, with moves per vessel rising from 1,765 to 2,124.
  • Truck turnaround time averaged just 70 minutes in 2023.

DPFZA remains committed to operational excellence and transparency. The authority plans to engage with the World Bank to address these discrepancies and ensure a more accurate representation of its port’s performance.

“We stand by our record of efficiency and continue to improve our facilities and services, contributing positively to both regional and global economies,” stated the DPFZA.

The authority also thanked its partners and stakeholders for their continued trust and support amidst these challenging assessments.

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