Djibouti President, Ismail Omar Guelleh has yesterday conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the President and the people of Somalia on their 63rd Independence Day. The Djibouti President expressed his best wishes for a joyous celebration and extended his sincere hopes for a prosperous future for Somalia.

President Guelleh took this opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to working closely with Somalia in various areas, particularly in the pursuit of peace, stability, and regional cooperation. Recognizing the importance of maintaining peace and security in the region, he emphasized the need for collaboration between the two nations to address common challenges and promote harmonious relations.

With a focus on long-standing peace, President Guelleh emphasized his support for the Somali government’s efforts in fostering stability and development. He underscored the significance of collective efforts and regional cooperation in realizing sustainable peace and advancing the shared interests of both Djibouti and Somalia.

As Djibouti and Somalia continue their partnership, President Guelleh expressed his optimism for a strengthened bond between the two nations

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