Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti has embarked on a significant 48-hour state visit to Guinea-Bissau, following an invitation from his counterpart, President Umaro Sissoco Embaló. The visit, which began early Sunday evening, aims to bolster the friendship and cooperation between the two nations.

Upon his arrival in Bissau, President Guelleh was greeted with full ceremonial honors, including the playing of the Djiboutian national anthem, a military troop review, and traditional folk dances, showcasing the warm relations between the two countries. President Embaló personally welcomed President Guelleh at the airport, highlighting the importance of the visit to Guinea-Bissau.

This visit marks a continuation of the diplomatic engagement that began with President Embaló’s trip to Djibouti last February, where the two countries established a framework agreement for cooperation. This agreement is founded on shared values, mutual benefits, and a balance of interests, setting the stage for enhanced bilateral relations.

The agenda for Monday includes a one-on-one interview between Presidents Guelleh and Embaló, followed by an expanded working session with senior officials from both sides. These meetings are expected to further discussions on key areas of cooperation and regional issues.

In a significant gesture of honor and respect, President Guelleh will be awarded the highest distinction of Guinea-Bissau during his visit. Following the award ceremony, the two leaders will hold a joint press conference to discuss the outcomes of their meetings and future collaborative efforts.

The visit will culminate in a formal dinner hosted by President Embaló in honor of President Guelleh, symbolizing the deep respect and camaraderie between the two leaders and their countries.

This state visit is a pivotal moment for Djibouti and Guinea-Bissau as they seek to strengthen their partnership and explore new avenues for cooperation, particularly in the context of African unity and development.

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