Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh has pardoned 185 prisoners including Somalis, Ethiopia and Yemen and ordered their immediate from Middle Prison of Gabod for the sake of Eidul Adha and Djibouti Independence Day occassions, Mogadishu24 reported Tuesday.

The act of clemency by President Guelleh reflects the spirit of forgiveness and compassion during Eidul Adha, a time of gratitude and reflection for Muslims worldwide. Djibouti’s Independence Day further adds significance to this gesture, celebrating the country’s liberation from French colonial rule.

These prisoners, who demonstrated good behavior and expressed remorse during their confinement, have been granted an opportunity to rebuild their lives. President Guelleh’s decision emphasizes the importance of rehabilitation and second chances in fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society.

The release of prisoners from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen exemplifies Djibouti’s commitment to regional cooperation and understanding. By extending amnesty to individuals who committed minor offenses, Djibouti seeks to promote unity and strengthen ties among neighboring nations.

This comes as Djibouti is celebrating 46th anniversary of its independence Day which is today June 27, 2023

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