Djibouti(Mogadishu24)- Djibouti’s Prime Minister, Abdoulkadir Kamil Mohamed, alongside Secretary General Nagib Abdalla Kamil and the President’s Chief of Staff, received a delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development on Wednesday to assess collaboration in various areas of mutual interest.

The discussions primarily centred on education, health, water supply, electricity development projects, and solar energy initiatives.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Abdoulkadir Kamil Mohamed underscored the urgency of ensuring a stable supply of drinking water, emphasizing the need to advance desalination systems.

“We welcomed a delegation from the Saudi Fund to engage in discussions regarding our collaboration in the fields of education, water, refugee welfare, and other areas. We stressed the pressing necessity to enhance the supply of drinking water for both our urban centres and remote areas, with a specific focus on advancing desalination systems to address the increasing demands of our population,” stated Prime Minister Abdoulkadir Kamil Mohamed.

He highlighted Djibouti as a home for many migrants who enjoy the same benefits as Djiboutians, particularly in the areas of education and medical care. However, he noted that the support provided by the state commission for refugees is insufficient and does not cover all the needs of the refugee population.

“Djibouti is home to many migrants, and our government is committed to ensuring equal benefits in education and medical care for all,” he stated.

He added, “The support we provide for the refugees may not cover their comprehensive needs, such as health, water, and the provision of proper housing.”

The Prime Minister Mohamed highlighted the crucial role played by Saudi Arabia’s support in promoting sustainable development in Djibouti.

“Saudi Arabia has been our priority partner in development and has supported us in different sectors, which have been instrumental in our progress. Its crucial role in promoting sustainable development in Djibouti cannot be overstated,” he added.

The delegation engaged with several ministers to address grievances, particularly focusing on health issues and the capacity requirements needed to meet the demands effectively.

The visit comes five days after the Saudi-Africa Economic Conference, during which President Guelleh highlighted Djibouti’s strategic location as a key factor for economic partnership. He emphasized Saudi Arabia’s distinctive role in introducing innovative initiatives in the Horn of Africa and Red Sea regions.

Djibouti has achieved significant financial and institutional developments in sectors such as education, health, maritime affairs, and sports, as part of its 2035 vision.

Its strategic location in Africa, along with its unique natural resources, has positioned it as a key trade hub on the continent, attracting investments and strengthening bilateral relations with countries including France, the United States, Russia, Italy, China, and several Arab nations.

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