Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The Security forces of the Somali State of Ethiopia have successfully seized weapons and apprehended individuals suspected to be members of the Al-Shabaab militants during the 18th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Day celebrations in Jigjiga town.

Dayib Ahmed Noor, the Head of the Regional Security Office, reported that the operation confiscated weapons, including pistols, bullets, and hand grenades, intended to harm participants in the event.

He noted the presence of groups affiliated with the Al-Shabaab group aiming to disrupt the peace of the Regional Government by exploiting clan names to create divisions within the community.

Mr. Dayib expressed gratitude to the security forces, emphasizing the capture of armed individuals linked to the AS militants group in Somalia.

“Our security forces have done commendable work in protecting civilians from harm. Through an intensive operation, they have captured armed individuals linked to the AS militants group in Somalia and also seized weapons,” Mr. Dayib said.

He urged the public to remain calm and foster peaceful coexistence, cautioning against potential attempts by terrorist groups to incite tensions and tribal conflicts.

“The terrorist group aimed to create tensions and enmity among the peaceful communities coexisting in the region. Their objective was to plan tribal conflicts and exploit them. I urge the communities in the region to remain vigilant and promote peaceful coexistence among themselves,” he added.

Last year, a fierce battle occurred between the Liyu Police and Al-Shabaab militants on the Somali-Ethiopian border and last for some days.

The annual commemoration of the ethnic day, started on December 8, 2006, is celebrated nationwide to enhance integration and unity among Ethiopia’s diverse ethnic groups, each characterized by distinct cultures, religions, languages, and historical backgrounds.

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