Godey(Mogadishu24)-Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali on Monday inaugurated new modern Airport, named Ugaas Miraad which was built in Godey city in the Somali Region, together with President, Mustafe Omer Mohamed and other Federal and Regional Authorities.

“Today, we inaugurated the newly constructed Ugaas Miraad Airport in Godey City, Somali Region. This new passenger terminal and airport aims to facilitate equitable development access and offer convenient services”, Abiy said on X formerly Twitter.

Abiy Ahmed said that Ugaas Miraad Airport in Godey in the Somalia was a significant project undertaken by Ethiopian Airlines. “This new airport with a spacious passenger terminal, has the capacity to accommodate four Boeing 737 aircraft simultaneously”, he said.

“PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed inaugurated Godey Ugaas Mirad Leyli Airport today. The tall young-man greeting the PM is Khadar Mirad Leyli, son of the martyred revered community leader. Khadar’s changed personal circumstances instantiate our community’s dark past & shining present”, President of the region, Mustafe Omer said on X formerly Twitter after the event.

The Somali State under President, Mustafe Omer’s leadership carried out tangible development projects including key infrastructures like roads, health facilities, Education, water irrigation projects and Airports International past five years.

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