Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The President of Ethiopia’s Somali State, Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Omer, along with a delegation, returned on Wednesday from a week-long visit to assess the impacts of riverine floods affecting more than 15,000 families in the regions under his administration.

During the visit, the officials inspected the areas where displaced people were relocated and assessed their living conditions to determine necessary assistance.

Following the visit, the regional government, in collaboration with relevant agencies, initiated numerous activities to rescue the most vulnerable and implemented preparedness measures for affected families.

“Relief efforts are in progress, providing essential items such as food, medicine, and bedding for those displaced from their homes, particularly in the areas of Godey, Dollo-Addo, Jarrati, and Qalafo where there are urgent need for assistance. Local committees are also addressing urgent needs at the community level,” said Hon. Mustafa Mohamed Omar, Somali State President.

The President stated that a team of engineers has been deployed to repair damaged roads, and helicopters will be used to evacuate people trapped in flooded areas, and deliver emerged supplies.

“Teams are actively working to repair damaged roads, and helicopters will soon be deployed to evacuate individuals stranded in rural areas, delivering emergency supplies to areas in need,” he added.

He addressed the need to review settlement patterns along riverine areas and implement diversions in densely populated regions.

“I extend my gratitude to all who have supported and hosted their displaced brothers during this challenging time. Special thanks to the local police force and the national army for their pivotal role in the immediate response and ongoing rescue efforts for those affected by the floods,” the president said.

According to regional authorities, at least 20 people have lost their lives, and over 15,000 families have been displaced from their homes due to the heavy rains.

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