Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The European Union announced an important $1 million support to the Somali National Army on Tuesday, aimed at strengthening its military capabilities and promoting security in the region.

“European Union adopts an assistance measure worth €1 million in support of the Somali National Army,” EU in Somalia said in an official statement.

Somalia’s Ministry of Defence has expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized its importance to the Somali National Armed Forces.

“The Ministry of Defence welcomes the Council’s decision to deliver military equipment designed to deliver lethal force. The assistance measure will be worth $1 million under the European Peace Facility,” read the statement from the Somali Ministry of Defence.

The statement added, “This support to the Somali National Armed Forces will be incremental in further training and equipping our forces currently trained in General Dahagabadan Training Center.”

The ministry noted that this assistance will strengthen the Somali Army’s efforts to take over its security operations within the country.

The ministry further acknowledges EU’s continuous support to Somalia through various packages of assistance provided by the European Peace Facility over the years.

“The Ministry of Defense appreciates EU support to the SNAF to assume full responsibility over security operations in Somalia and acknowledges the importance of the EPF packages of support over the years to enhance the SNAF capabilities,” reads part of the statement.

The European Union is one of the international partners supporting the Somali Government’s offensive against Al-Al-Shabaab militants through military training, equipping the Army, as well as paying soldiers’ salaries and wages.

In July 2022, the European Union Council adopted an additional €120 million to the $65 million of the preceding year under the European Peace Facility to ATMIS to fight against Al-Shabaab.

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