Adale(Mogadishu24)-Peaceful dialogue has opened on Friday in the Burka-dirin area, led by the former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, amid the call for peace between the warring clans in Adale and Raage-Ceele districts in the Middle Shabelle region.

A week ago, President Sharif, accompanied by Hirshabelle State President Ali Gudlawe, embarked on a peace mission campaign aimed at addressing the renewed clan clashes between the two neighboring communities.

The opening of this peaceful dialogue was graced by the former President, the President of Hirshabelle, and other regional leaders, including ministers and members of parliament.

Speaking at the event, the President of Hirshabelle region, Ali Gudlawe, called for reconciliation, peaceful co-existence, and brotherhood between the two communities.

“We are here today to call for peace between the two communities living in Raage-Ceele and Adale districts. We urge both sides to reconcile and re-establish their peaceful co-existence and brotherhood. Security is the responsibility of each one of us, and everyone should play their part in deescalating the situation,” said President Gudlawe.

The former President of Somalia, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, expressed appreciation for the community leaders from both sides for accepting their call for peaceful dialogue, terming this dialogue as a great achievement for both sides.

“We thank elders from both parties for accepting our call for peace and resolution. What we want is only a peaceful resolution between our two fraternal communities. We call for reconciliation and sacrifice during this dialogue, which is a great win for all of us,” said Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, former Somali President.

The former president pointed out the consequences of clan clashes between two brotherly communities, stating that it will have huge impacts on co-existence and brotherhood.

“The clan clashes between two brotherly communities are the worst clashes of all and will have great huge consequences on our brotherhood and peaceful co-existence. We want to bring resolution between these brothers; they are relatives who could rely on and support one another,” he added.

On the other hand, the traditional leaders known as Ugas appreciated the mediation role played by the former President and state leaders to find solutions to the disputed issues and affirmed their commitment and support towards the ongoing dialogue.

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