Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-Hundreds of families were displaced from the Koshin and Haawa Taako neighbourhoods on Saturday due to heavy rains that persisted for six hours in Beledweyne city, the capital of Hiiraan region.

Residents of these areas, particularly in the Kutimbo and Dhagaxjibis sections, were abruptly awakened in the middle of the night as their homes filled with water.

Local residents in Beledweyne town quickly organized rescue efforts to control the flooding.

One week ago, officials from the Somali Disaster Management Agency and the UN visited Beledweyne city, the capital of the Hiiraan region, to assess the humanitarian situation and its preparedness for potential El Niño rains, which could result in severe flooding.

The Somalia Humanitarian Fund allocated USD 15 million to respond to the projected El Niño-induced flooding’s impact on the most vulnerable communities in Hirshabelle (Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan regions) and Jubaland (Gedo Region), which have historically experienced severe flooding in Somalia.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change expresses deep concerns about this impending crisis and the imminent danger posed by potential floods.

The Ministry urged all citizens, particularly those residing in riverine regions, to exercise the utmost vigilance and adopt extraordinary measures to protect themselves and their communities during this rainy season.

Beledweyne has been grappling with climate change and severe flooding from the Shabelle River, which has disrupted the learning process in the town.

On May 20th, national examinations were postponed due to the flooding, with students taking exams two months later than scheduled.

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