Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)- At least 10 passengers are confirmed dead and others were seriously injured after cars accident at Juba intersection in Mogadishu’s Shangani district on Wednesday evening.

Eyewitnesses said a big truck carrying containers collided with other mini-bus passing by the busy road, causing fatalities while volunteers and Security forces continued efforts to rescue and recover victims still trapped under those vehicles at the time.

Rescue operations took about five hours to complete, causing public outrage against Mogadishu Municipality for not responding the situation on time.

Mogadishu Mayor, Yusuf Hussein Madale who reached the scene lately, described the tragedy to be unfortunate, justifying that it happened all of a sudden and the Iftar of the holy Ramadan Month.

He ordered that big trucks to or from Mogadishu seaport will not use the key roads in the capital during the day time, but later in the night. This was deadliest car accident in Mogadishu in recent.

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