Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-A member of the Somali Federal Parliament, Hon. Abdullahi Adan Ahmed, also known as Black, was barred from traveling to Baidoa, the capital of the Bay Region, to organize the burial of a family member.

Hon. Abdullahi Black stated that he was prevented from boarding the plane carrying the body of the late Mohamed Hassan Yusuf. He revealed that the deceased was his cousin, and he wanted to participate in the burial.

“While I was on the plane, a police officer approached me and informed me that I would not be allowed to board the plane. He told me that if I board the plane, it would be returned from Baidoa without anyone disembarking, not even the body. The plane crew were embarrassed by this directive, and I was instructed not to proceed with the journey,” said MP Abdullahi Black.

“I am among the relatives of the deceased, and I had taken on the responsibility, among others, to lead the funeral procession to Baidoa, where he was a well-respected figure,” he added.

Hon. Abdullahi Black called on President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to address this issue and pointed out that he had faced obstacles during the previous government’s tenure, where he was barred from traveling.

“President Hassan, you have come into office through a change, and you have encountered such incidents during the previous regime. Now you have the opportunity to prevent this from happening. This is not a positive step,” Hon. Black said.

Hon. Abdullahi Black is one of the parliamentarians who strongly oppose President Laftagareen and is actively involved in the political movement in Mogadishu.

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