Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Parliament of Somalia resumed the debate over the next chapter of the provisional constitution after completing the 1st chapter which was controversial as changes and amendments made into it.

“The joint meeting of the two Houses of Parliament has resumed with the aim of continuing the debate on Articles 10-20 of Chapter 2. It was attended by 177 members, including 148 MPs and 29 Senators”,Independent Constitutional Review Commission said on X.

Parliamentarians are divided into the view regarding to the procedures of changes and amendments being made into the provisional constitution, some welcomed while others opposed it.

“In reality, almost every article and/or clause has been either modified or changed. Many new articles and clauses have been introduced. A few articles have been deleted. If the remaining chapters of the constitution mirror the four chapters presented here, it is going to be a new constitution. It is unbelievable. But, it provides us with a lot of issues to discuss in the weeks and months to come”, Professor Ayare A. Elmi said during the debate of this chapter on X .

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