Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-Huge fire erupted at Dervish Market in Beledweyne town, the administrative capital of Hiiraan region, on Sunday night, causing destructions and loss of properties worth millions.

The fire began over the night and continued until morning, destroying major business centers and shops, although there are no reported casualties. The cause of the fire remains unclear.

Local residents have expressed deep concern over the devastating incident and the extensive damages.

“A strong fire erupted, causing huge damage. The fire started in the Dervish market and spread across throughout the night, requiring a lot of efforts to control it until this morning,” said a businessman whose shop was burnt into ashes.

He also highlighted the challenges faced in extinguishing the fire due to the lack of firefighting equipment and machinery in Beledweyne city.

“We did not have access to any fire extinguishers. It took over 10 hours to bring the fire under control, using water bowsers from commercial companies and water sources nearby,” he added.

Frequent night-time fires have become an increasing issue in markets situated in Somali-dominant areas, with the causes behind these fires remain unknown.

On June 8th of this year, a similar fire engulfed Taiwan Market, the largest market in Jigjiga, leading to widespread havoc and substantial financial losses.

Just four days later, another destructive fire erupted in the Fadhi-same electronic industry in Bossaso, reducing it to ashes under the cover of darkness. In the attempts to control the fire, one person died and six sustained injuries after a vehicle experiencing brake failure.

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