Doha(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abshir Omar Jama, highlighted the critical role of humanitarian diplomacy amid the ongoing global crises during his speech at the Doha Forum on Monday.

The forum theme “Putting People First: Humanitarian Diplomacy in a Challenging World” aimed to discuss humanitarian response to global crises and Launch the Global Humanitarian Overview for 2024.

Minister Abshir emphasized the urgent need for fostering dialogue and ensuring effective aid delivery to individuals affected by conflicts and natural disasters such as floods.

“In an era where conflicts, natural disasters, and myriad humanitarian crises continue to plague our societies, it becomes imperative for nations to prioritize the well-being of people above all else,” said Jama.

“Whether victims of armed conflicts, those affected by devastating natural calamities, or countless refugees and internally displaced people globally, their plight demands action and concerted attention,” he added.

He highlighted the vital role played by Humanitarian Diplomacy, noting the importance in addressing crises by promoting dialogue, cooperation, and understanding between nations or involved parties.

“It seeks to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches those who need it most and mitigates suffering most effectively and efficiently,” he stated.

The minister underscored the concept of putting people first, involving fostering partnerships between governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector.

He stressed building alliances beyond geopolitical interests, prioritizing saving lives, and empowering communities.

“By engaging with governments, non-state actors, and international organizations, humanitarian diplomacy seeks to break down barriers hindering the delivery of much-needed assistance.”

“Multilateral cooperation and collaboration are key components of humanitarian diplomacy, serving as a framework for resource sharing, expertise exchange, and joint decision-making for a more comprehensive response,” he added.

The minister further addressed the humanitarian crises in Gaza, where continuous bombardment by the Israel Defense Forces killing over 17,000 Palestinian civilians, mostly children and women since October 7th when Hamas launched the deadliest attack on Israel in 50 years.

He underscored the need to prioritize humanitarian diplomacy in the face of such challenges, while advocating for the rights of civilians and stressing the importance of civilian protection in conflicts,

“The situation in Gaza serves as a stark reminder of the need to put people first and prioritize humanitarian diplomacy in a challenging world. The ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis have resulted in immense suffering and devastation for the people of Gaza,” he said.

The Minister called upon the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the millions of Palestinians affected by the bombings in Gaza.

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