Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Forensic experts from the Somali Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), with assistance from the Turkish Police Forensic Lab, have conclusively exonerated 10 suspects who were detained in connection with the assassination of Abdinasir Muse Abdirahman (Dahable), a key official at the Somali Civil Aviation Authority two months ago.

The forensic findings have revealed no links between the detainees and the crime, leading to widespread calls for their release according to an inclusive report obtained by Mogadishu24 this week.

This critical update in the investigation reflected the robust partnership in forensic science between Somalia and Turkey, which aims to enhance the effectiveness of Somalia’s judicial system. Despite the clear forensic results, the formal decision to release the suspects has yet to be announced by Somali authorities.

The families of the detained individuals, along with their legal representatives, have been vocal in urging for a swift resolution, advocating for the immediate release of the suspects in light of the new evidence. The lack of evidence and the international support in the investigation underscore the potential flaws and challenges within the Somali legal process, emphasizing the need for ongoing reforms and international cooperation.

The Somali Attorney General received the detailed forensic report last Saturday, and while the office has not officially declared the release of the detainees, expectations are high. This development not only impacts those directly involved but also signals significant advancements in the forensic and judicial capacities within Somalia.

The Forensic result showing innocence of the suspects arrested in connection with the killing of Somali Aviation Authority official came a week after Somaliland accused the Federal Government of torturing them while Federal Parliament Members who visited the prisoners, were also demanding their immediate release.

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