Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Chairperson of the of Independent Constitutional Review Commission of Somalia, Burhan Adan Omar explains four things to know about the approval of adoption procedure of proposed constitutional amendments.

1. Objective of the Adoption Procedure on Constitutional Amendments: The Adoption Procedure for Constitutional Amendments refers to the Rules of Procedure (RoP) of the two Houses of the Federal Parliament, which outline the process for joint meetings of the two houses. This is necessary because there are currently no specific rules of procedure governing these joint meetings.

2. What does this Procedure entail? 

This procedure governs the debate of Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators, as well as the extent to which each parliamentarian can express their opinions in the minutes specified in the RoP. It also covers the joint meetings of the two houses and the process for approving constitutional amendments. Approval requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the total number of members in both the House of People and the Upper House, as stated in Article 136 (1) of the Provisional Constitution.

3. Is the Adoption Procedure for constitutional amendments in line with the Provisional Constitution? The procedure to be adopted tomorrow is outlined and explained in Chapter 15 of the Provisional Constitution, as well as Article 57 and the RoP of the two Houses.

4. Who has the authority to establish this Adoption Procedure? 

The Federal Parliament holds full authority to establish and formulate this adoption procedure, as well as other procedures that govern the activities of joint committees and the review process. This authority is derived from Chapter 15 and Chapter 6 of the Provisional Constitution and the Rules of Procedure (RoPs) of the two Houses of the BFS.

Tomorrow, the Parliament will not be approving the substance of the proposed constitutional amendments. However, it is hoped that both houses will approve the adoption procedure in accordance with Chapter 15 and Article 57 of the Provisional Constitution.

By :Burhan Adan Omar

Chairperson of Independent Constitutional Review Commission

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