Rome(Mogadishu24)-The G7 group of nations has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting peace, security, and stability in the Horn of Africa amidst rising tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia. In a communique yesterday, the G7 highlighted ongoing efforts to address challenges such as food insecurity, poverty, armed violence, extreme weather events, and displacement in the region.

The G7 raised concern over the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ethiopia and the Somaliland region of Somalia in January 2024. This agreement has heightened tensions, with Somalia asserting that it infringes on its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The G7 has called on both Ethiopia and the Federal Government of Somalia to maintain open channels of dialogue and work cooperatively with regional partners and the African Union. The aim is to prevent any further escalation of the situation, emphasizing the importance of resolving disputes in accordance with international law and the principles enshrined in the UN Charter.

“We urge Ethiopia and Somalia to continue their dialogue and seek peaceful solutions, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity as recognized by international law,” stated a spokesperson from the G7.

This call for dialogue and adherence to international norms reflects the G7’s broader strategy of supporting peace and stability through diplomatic and humanitarian efforts in the Horn of Africa. The group continues to play an active role in encouraging constructive engagement among conflicted parties to foster a peaceful and stable regional environment.

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