Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-In a compelling episode of the “Somalia post-ATMIS” series on the Sitrep podcast by Dawan Media Group, veteran journalist and political analyst Ali Halane illuminated the strategic interests of Ethiopia and Kenya in Somalia’s federal states, specifically focusing on Southwest and Jubaland.

Halane emphasized that both Ethiopia and Kenya have a keen interest in maintaining significant influence over these regions due to pressing security concerns.

“Ethiopia favors both Southwest and Jubaland, while Kenya prioritizes Jubaland,” Halane noted. “These areas are crucial for their national security, as they serve as buffer zones along their borders with Somalia. Both nations aim to have their troops deployed there, not only to enhance security but also to extend their political influence.”

The discussion, which delved into the future of Somalia following the withdrawal of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), highlighted the complex geopolitical dynamics at play.

Halane pointed out that Ethiopia and Kenya’s involvement in these regions extends beyond mere security measures. “It’s about maintaining a significant political influence within Somalia,” he explained, underscoring the broader implications of their presence in the country.

Halane’s insights on the Sitrep podcast, known for its comprehensive analysis and produced by the reputable Dawan Media Group, offer a critical perspective on the regional power dynamics influencing Somalia’s stability and security. As Somalia prepares for a future without ATMIS, understanding the motivations and actions of neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Kenya becomes increasingly vital.

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