Minnesota(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, addressed the Somali community living in the United States of America and delivered a speech in Minnesota on Monday night.

The Prime Minister noted the government’s successes in countering al-Shabaab, acknowledging the sacrifices made by the Somali National Army and local community forces known as ‘Ma’awisley.’

He strongly condemned the recent explosive attack in Beledweyne city, which has killed over 20 people.

“Our security forces have achieved great victories against Al-Shabaab, through the joint efforts of our forces and the local community. The attack on Beledweyne shows the community’s strong commitment to the ongoing fight against the terrorist group,” the Prime Minister said.

“Regarding the security and peace of the country, we have recruited and deployed over 10,000 forces to combat al-Shabaab. Thousands of paramilitary personnel have been stationed within Mogadishu to maintain peace and counteract any acts of terrorism,” he added.

The Prime Minister also addressed issues of corruption, financial reform, social development, heightened security measures, and progress in the debt relief process.

“Since taking office, we have taken important steps to combat corruption and enhance the functionality of institutions like NISA, as well as financial institutions.”

“We have contributed to infrastructural development by strengthening security and financial reforms, which has facilitated our debt relief process,” he explained.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to intensify offensives against al-Shabaab militants. He underscored the need for self-reliance following the complete withdrawal of ATMIS forces by next year.

“While ATMIS forces have been our long-standing partners, negotiations have been underway for their redeployment from Somalia. We believe in the capabilities of our local community to fill the void left by ATMIS and the UN. The Somali people are our ATMIS,” he affirmed.

The Prime Minister called upon Somalis living in America to support the government and its citizens in the ongoing battle to free the country from the threats of the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization.

This meeting comes as the Prime Minister is in America for a week following an official trip to attend the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

He delivered a powerful speech at the UN General Assembly, reiterating Somalia’s efforts towards Sustainable Development Goals.

Somalia’s regional and international presence has recently increased as the country maintains strong bilateral relations, mutual interests, and ties with its foreign and neighboring countries.

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