Oslo, Norway(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sh. Mohamud revealed the necessary to hold peaceful dialogue with Al-Shabaab and when such negotiations could begin now or in the near future.

Speaking at Oslo Forum in Norway this week, President Hassan addressed the security challenges and opportunities in the country, in particular, the threat of Al-Shabaab, saying there was no indication of an intention for possible dialogue from the group, but underscored their willingness to open talks when they get prepared for it in the future.

‘We believe the ending game with Al-Shabaab is through negotiations, when is when they are ready, we were ready yesterday, but see we are looking foreword to them to be ready for that and once they are ready, we negotiate and that negotiation might sometimes take time, but at least it will create a new hope as well, but Al-Shabaab as of now, we don’t have that indication from them”, Mohamud said.

He said that Al-Shabaab is required to change its behavior, calling for whoever can convince Al-Shabaab to change the behavior should take that action.

President Hassan’s speech regarding to the possible negotiation with Al-Shabaab came two days after Al-Shabaab carried out deadly on SNA bases in Ceeldheer town in Galgudud region and claimed to have killed 59 soldiers, recovered vehicles, weapons and captured the town during the attack.

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