Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-Heavy fighting between Somali National Army and Al-Shabaab fighters is continuing near El-dher district in Galgudud region under Galmudug State in Somalia according to military sources.

Sources say Al-Shabaab fighters carried out suicide car bomb attacks at SNA bases in the area then face to face fighting erupting between the two sides while Somali Army and Its partners use airstrike operation in the area.

The Somali Government did not provide information related to the extent of the fighting and casualties during the fighting, but confirmed that Al-Shabaab attacked the SNA bases with cars filled with explosives and their forces foiled them.  

Al-Shabaab said its fighters took control of Cawsweyne area and inflicted casualties on SNA forces, a base in which the Somali forces liberated two days ago.

Somali National Army with local forces on Friday afternoon captured El-bur town in Galgudud region after conducting joint operation to liberate it, Ministry of Defense Confirmed.

Federal Ministry of Defense said in a statement this evening that the joint forces are carrying out operations aimed at ensuring the security after entering into the city after Al-Shabaab withdrawal.

“El-bur was the biggest strong-hold of for the Al-Shabaab in Galmudug and Hirshabelle States”, Said the Statement from the Somali Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry added that the Government will share more updates to the public after completing the on-going operation.

Al-Shabaab did not comment on the fall of the key strategic town into SNA forces and local forces, but claimed to have targeted the forces with suicide car bomb attack at the outskirts of the district prior to army’s military progress.

The operation comes about three weeks after the Somali President Hassan Sh. Mohamud stationed in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug State in Somalia in the same region, in order, to scale up the offensive operation against Al-Shabaab.

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